A characteristic feature of pseudoscience is the shifting of the burden of proof. 

Instead of providing evidence to substantiate their claims, proponents of pseudoscience often challenge sceptics to disprove their assertions. 

This is a reversal of the standard scientific practice, where the onus is on the claimant to provide evidence supporting their proposition.

This concept aligns with Hitchens's razor, an epistemological principle named after author and journalist Christopher Hitchens. 

It states, "What can be asserted without evidence can also be dismissed without evidence". 

This principle emphasizes that the responsibility of providing proof lies with the person making the claim. If they fail to meet this burden, their claim can be dismissed without requiring any counterevidence.

Be extremely skeptical about glib advice especially when stated categorically and without any evidence such as “X diet will cure everything”.

Avoid zealots of any kind.

Look for people who have nuance, balance and even uncertainty.

If you like watching YouTube, here are some people and their channel that I expressly trust and follow. I may not always agree with everything they say. I make up my own mind based on the evidence.

They mainly based their videos on interviews with actual specialist. Amazing clinicians with decades of experience treating patients or real scientist that are acclaimed international specialists in their field. 

Who would you rather follow – an influencer with their own agenda or a expert in their chosen field?

In no particular order, here are seven of the very best

Nutrition Made Simple Dr Gil Carvalho

Gil Carvalho, MD PhD is a physician, research scientist, science communicator, speaker and writer. Dr. Carvalho trained as a medical doctor in the University of Lisbon, in his native Portugal, and later obtained a PhD in Biology from Caltech (California Institute of Technology). He has published peer-reviewed medical research spanning the fields of genetics, molecular biology, nutrition, behaviour, ageing and neuroscience.
In parallel with his research career, Dr. Carvalho also has a passion for science communication. He directs and hosts Nutrition Made Simple, which aims to convey fundamental nutrition concepts to a general audience via educational videos. His content is watched by over half a million people monthly.
Gill does a lot of myth-busting as well. Nutrition Made Simple

Found my fitness Dr Rhonda Patrick

Dr Patrick interviews a lot of great people and does her best to translate the research so everyone can benefit. Not just about fitness. Dr Rhonda covers a lot of important topics. Found my fitness

The Drive Dr Peter Attia

Dr Attia’s medical knowledge is incredible, is a very considered and insightful when interviewing the best (mainly US) clinicians, scientists and researchers. Because he is so well prepared for each interview, he gets the most out of the interviewee. Available as a postcast as well as YouTube. The interviews can be over two hours long and can be very detailed although Dr Attia takes extra care explaining and translating the medical science for his listeners. The Drive

Sigma Nutrition with Danny Lennon

Danny is the founder of Sigma Nutrition. He is the host of the long-running popular podcast Sigma Nutrition Radio. He has spoken at conferences and events all over Europe, as well as the United States and Australia. Danny is currently a member of the Advisory Board of the Sports Nutrition Association, the global regulatory body responsible for the standardisation of best practice in the sports nutrition profession. Danny has a master’s degree (MSc.) in Nutritional Sciences from University College Cork, Ireland. 
Danny and his team present incredibly well researched topics and will also interview experts. The podcasts are quite technical and detailed! Sigma Nutrition

Plant Chompers with Chris MacAskill

Chris MacAskill has a knack for making the scientific advantages of a plant-based diet both engaging and educational. In his past, Chris worked alongside Steve Jobs at NeXT, where he discovered that uniqueness can be a powerful asset. Today, he is leveraging this asset to challenge some of the misleading claims by carnivore influencers and the like.

In order to address the issues of our flawed and inhumane food system, we need more scientists like Chris who can present compelling, easy-to-understand information to the public. His work is crucial in debunking myths and providing scientifically-backed information to the masses. Plant Chompers

The Proof with Simon Hill

At last, an Aussie accent. The Proof Podcast is a space for science-based conversation. Together with his guests, Simon Hill, a qualified physiotherapist and nutritionist, explores the health and longevity benefits that come with mastering physical exercise, nutrition, mindfulness, recovery, sleep, and alignment. Simon is measured, scientific and brings out the best in the people he is interviewing. The Proof