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The goal of longevity medicine is to preserve and improve your quality of life by targeting the biological mechanisms of aging and age-related diseases.

Longevity medicine is advanced personalised preventive medicine powered by deep biomarkers of aging and longevity, and is a fast-emerging field. The field encompasses the likewise rapidly evolving areas of biogerontology, geroscience, and precision, preventive, and functional medicine.

Longevity medicine is a set of preventive healthcare practices that rely on biomarkers of aging, such as aging clocks, to keep the patient's biological and psychological age as near to peak performance as feasible throughout life.

BloodAge Analysis

The Blood Age Clock is a new analytical tool for understanding and tracking the ageing process at the cellular level.

Using a standard tests for blood biomarkers, the BloodAge clock accurately measures the biological age and provides a comprehensive report on the health of your blood and overall aging status.

Blood Age Clock looks at the internal state of your body to give a more accurate representation of your true age.

This information can be used to make lifestyle and healthcare decisions that can help you age healthier and live longer.

With our Blood Age Clock, you can:

  • Understand your current ageing status and identify potential health risks.
  • Track changes in your blood age over time and monitor the effectiveness of interventions.
  • Make informed decisions about your health and wellness based on data-driven insights.

Dr Michael Thomsen, PhD, nutritionist at Every Decade

Dr Michael Thomsen, PhD, MSc, ND, FNHAA

Michael Thomsen is a renowned medical herbalist and nutritionist with a strong foundation in scientific research and industry experience. Holding a Master of Science from the Graduate School of Integrative Medicine at Swinburne University and a PhD from the Department of Medical Sciences at Sydney University Medical School, he has a deep understanding of the intricacies of nutrition and natural products and their applications in healthcare.

With over three decades of experience in the field, Michael has worked extensively in the industry as a past technical manager of leading natural products companies in Australia. This hands-on expertise has allowed him to develop a comprehensive understanding of the complex interactions between herbs, nutrients, and drugs, which he has successfully shared through his widely acclaimed book, the Phytotherapy Desk Reference, now in its fifth edition, having sold over 16,000 copies worldwide.

As a medical herbalist and nutritionist, Michael's expertise is particularly valuable to athletes seeking to optimize their performance and overall health through evidence-based, scientifically grounded approaches. His extensive knowledge of herbal medicine and its applications in healthcare makes him an invaluable resource for athletes looking to leverage the benefits of natural products in their training regimens.

Michael's work with the BloodAge, a cutting-edge technology that uses AI-driven analysis of clinical blood reports to predict biological age, has further deepened his understanding of the intricate relationships between biomarkers and aging processes. His collaboration with Deep Longevity, a pioneering company in the field of longevity and healthspan, has allowed him to contribute to the development of innovative solutions that empower individuals to take control of their health and longevity.


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